Sunday, October 28, 2012

Del Prado

Alison & me.
Well, we weren’t really at  Del Prado, Spain, we were visiting the “Masterpieces from the Prado”  exhibition in Brisbane!!
It was last Sunday,  and we enjoyed a full day out at the Art Gallery.  The exhibition was mind blowing.  The detail in most of the portraits was very realistic as were the still life paintings.  The paintings of the costumes on people depicting lace, velvet, brocades etc were extraordinary.  You could almost feel the fabric.  (No photography allowed)
Marilyn Monroe AKA the lovely Loretta.  Ooo la la.
Of course, we also enjoyed a couple of these along the way.


shirley said...

Looks and sounds like a lovely and interesting day Di.

margaret said...

Shirley you stole the words from my mouth, was going to say looks like a great day out

Anneliese said...

Yes, isn't t that fabulous to see fabric painted, fabric, laces, velvet and silk and you wish to touch it, but it is on the canvas, so real I am always amazed by those old paintings showing people in their outfits - it is so interesting to see what was the fashion then - of course of rich people only, I am aware of this.

josashimi said...

It WAS a lovely day! And all the better for having met you and Loretta! Love the pic of our own Marilyn! :D

Robin Mac said...

I was blown away by that exhibition too Di. I kept feeling they must have glued some fabric onto the canvas, hard to believe it was all paint!
You have had a fabulous couple of months by the sound of it. Cheers.