Saturday, May 12, 2012


Week 18’s stitch has been done.  The blogging is a little behind as life steps in the way and steers me on other courses.
Week 18’s stitch was Crossed Buttonhole Stitch.  At the beginning I thought it was quite a yukky stitch and by the end of the sample I still thought it was pretty yukky.  It would be much prettier embellished to the eyeballs, but of course I am trying to do all my samples with just using the TAST stitch for that particular week.  I am having to use the grey matter a little bit more and come up with interesting ways to display said stitch.
Wk 18 Strata Crossed b hole st
This is the end result, “Strata”.  It is made with 1 1/4 inch strips of fabric folded twice and couched down with the Crossed Buttonhole Stitch.  Thanks to Shirley for the little round beads which just fitted in nicely with the colours I had chosen.(We are also trying to decrease Shirley’s bead stash – but a losing battle methinks.  She has enough beads to take us into the next century!!!!)
When I see what everybody else did with the Crossed Buttonhole Stitch I had a little bit of embroidery envy.  Hop over to Pintangle here and see the many variations others have come up with.  Soooooo creative.  Also, lately on Stitchin Fingers there has been some beautiful embroidery, quilting etc. shown.  Do have a look sometime for some real eye candy.


Suztats said...

I like what you've done, Di. The fabric colours, thread, and beads go so well together.
It's been difficult, I've found, just to stick to the stitch of the week and not add anything else, and try to create something interesting and unique. Much easier to embellish the stitch with others, and add lace and beads.......but then, I probably wouldn't learn TAST stitches as well, and my sampler wouldn't be a sampler.

Radka said...

I think you have done so well, Dianne, staying with it and stitching so many interesting samples in the process :)

shirley said...

Sorry Di, I snuck out and bought more beads and threads while you were away.I loved strata from the moment I saw it. it is quite unique.

Anneliese said...

Hi Dianne, so our Shirley is honest and you wonder why the heap of beads doesn't get smaller - your strata is such a good idea - it might appear on one of my stitcheries one day - without wanting to copy .

Linda said...

What a brilliant idea Dianne. Each week I am more amazed at how you've managed to make a boring stitch have some zing. I love this!! I am so far behind, can't even remember how many I have to do to catch up, AND I've been too scared to even look for today's stitch!! Take care.