Monday, January 9, 2012

TAST - ing Fly Stitch

If you haven't seen already all over the blogosphere,  the 1st week of Sharon at Pintangle's TAST challenge was the fly stitch. The link to week 1 is here and it is amazing just how many different and innovative ways people have used this stitch. Have a look at the comments and then follow the links to the various sites for some real eye candy.

Here is my poor ol' version.  Snowflake - fireworks thingys.
Snowflakes for January as in some places of the world it is snowing right now, and fireworks for New Years.
It is only a small piece and I intend doing just small pieces for the whole challenge on fabric I already have, and perhaps at the end making it into some kind of wall hanging.  Who knows?  Just seeing where it takes me at the moment.  I enjoyed experimenting and making my mind think of some way different to use this stitch which I have used many times in the past.

Using my beautiful journal Shirley gave me to record my TAST experiments.
As you can see I used my first idea and I have notated the threads used.
The border was going to be a neat little affair but random flys won out!!

Looking forward to tomorrow morning to see what stitch is offered for Week 2.


CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

hello Di, Super wonderful fly stitches. Love them all. I reckon by the end of the year your journal will be filled with all kinds of glorious stitches. Hugs Judy

Suztats said...

Neat idea of snowflakes for the fly stitch, Di! Wouldn't it take a creative someone in the summer season to think of that?!

Linda said...

Looks like you enjoy fly stitch Dianne. It's one I've used many times. I like the colours you've used in your sample. I think I'll just do small samples too, but I'm not sure I'm going to be as good at record keeping as you are. Happy stitching.

Anonymous said...

Hello Di, Your sample is lovely, good idea to go small can also expand as and if time permits. I think I might give TAST a go have been away so haven't started yet, see you at Art quilting, cheers Chris

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Di,
I love your fly stitch sampler. I did hear about the challenge but dont know if I will have time to do it.

shirley said...

Great array of stitches Di, my poor little effort pales into insignificance beside all your lovely snowflakes and gorgeous variegated colours.

Thearica said...

Your fly stitch work is great! I didn't get started this week due to being out of town for the holidays and cannot wait to get home and start!

I also want to take a moment to invite you over to my blog to read about a quilt show I am hosting live on my blog beginning Feb 1. The show is called Crazy Quilts Are Quilts Too. The show is designed to bring awareness to all of us crazy quilters and the work we do! There are a host of fantastic prizes to be won! Hope you will come check out the information and hopefully participate!

FlowerLady said...

I love your happy fly stitch work and colors.


Radka said...

Very good, Dianne! I like the your design as well as stitching, well done:)