Monday, January 30, 2012

Clowning around with Cretan

The stitch for TAST this last week was Cretan. 
It turned out to be not my favourite, but I hope in the future with practice to love it.  It was just difficult to get the rhythm going.
The first idea didn’t turn out very well, so I changed tack and made up a new design based on shapes in Aboriginal Art pieces.  Also, I wanted to used some colour in a different way.
Here it is :
Wk 4 Cretan Stitch
The circles were particularly hard but I was quite happy with it in the end.  I was thrilled with the border and will use this one again somewhere, sometime. Also, I was happy with my colour choices and I am still in love with variegated. 
If you want to see some really incredible cretan stitch samples pop over to Stitchin Fingers HERE or go directly to Sharon’s Pin Tangle page for the Cretan Stitch and check out people’s links in their comments.  What some people have achieved with this stitch is truly amazing.


Jen said...

Hello Di!
It seems very satisfying achieving your TAST projects.I love your feather tree and I really like your idea of the featured stitch only in each project. Very lovely
(too hard for me)

shirley said...

Di You have done really well with this. In the end your cretan stitch is good. I am really proud of you achievements with the Tast Stitches.

You have always had a good colour sense with your quilts, and this is evident in your embroidery thread choices.

You go girl

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Di, your cretan stitches are wonderful and your circles are fantastic. I think it looks like a glorious rainbow scene. Hugs Judy

Suztats said...

I love your cretan stitches, Di! The variegated thread is so pretty. I'm addicted!

Radka said...

Cretan stitch is not easy to get right, but you have done a great job! I like your design as well, very nice :) Well done!

Linda said...

Once again your little TAST 'scene' is well done Dianne, congratulations. Cretan is not at all my favourite stitch, I use it very little, but do it we must. I am so enjoying your little sample pieces each week, and the use of a variegated thread is quite pleasing. It was lovely to see it go so well on SF.