Friday, November 18, 2011

Learning Blackwork

This is my first foray into blackwork   blue work??
Blue b work close upBlue blackwork
doing emb demo
Well the technique is blackwork, and thank you to my ever patient tutor, Shirley from “Stitches and Life”I have just started on a sampler piece and trying different variations. Decided to do it in blue as some years ago Shirley started me on drawn thread work and the edging on this piece of lugano is all I ended up doing!!  Typical!  The Blackwork is very addictive and very fun.  Thank you for starting me off, Shirley (and feeding and coffeeing me).
little pink rose                                          Peach rose
Miniature pink rose on my dressing table                                            Peach rose in hand made pottery by my
                                                                                                       Aunty – Heather Russell
.If only you could smell these roses – deeevine.


Suztats said...

Blackwork is one of the many items on my to do list. Yours is looking good!

Anneliese said...

How lovely to see our Shirley - your wonderful tutor -

retdairyqueen said...

Your blck/blue work looks grat Something I have never tried

Linda said...

Blackwork is such a fun counted thread embroidery. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. You have an excellent tutor in Shirley, that's for sure. I much prefer it in 'colours' anyway.

LOVE the roses, nothing better is there. Hope the weather isn't too unkind for you.

Happy stitching.

Marilyn said...

Hope you enjoy doing the blue blackwork. Looks good.

shirley said...

Love the roses Di, they are gorgeous.

You are a very good student and picked up the blackwork technique very quickly..10 out of 10

N. Maria said...

Oh, you lucky gal have a tutor like Shirley there!
I love the blackwork in black but the blue is very nice, too.
The roses are so beautiful.

Jen said...

HI! Di, The Blackwork looks very enticing and pretty to learn, looking good.
I am still away and trying to keep up with everyones posts and I love your outback of Bourke photos they are great.I am sure I would be the same with the mice plague.They wern't there when we went.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Di, Your 'Bluework. looks fantastic and I see you have a lovely talented teacher too. Oh, those roses do look devine. I can almost smell them. Hugs Judy

Radka said...

I look forward to seeing the finished project :)
What pretty roses :)