Thursday, November 17, 2011

Almost Summer

This is a lovely time of year in the garden here.
flowering-cactus_thumb     Cactus Flower
Our scraggy old cactus didn’t disappoint and there were a couple of flowers left when we got home. They only last 24 hours.  Typical of most cacti  the flower is stunning.
Jasmine Vine Nov 2011
The star jasmine was in full bloom too.
For me, it is wise to get out in the garden early in the morning or after sun down in the evening.  Usually, at this time of the evening is when I am preparing dinner, so I have pledged to get out there for an hour early in the morning each day – well those days when I am not going out socializing.
This morning I was a little late getting into it due to the fact that our beloved Bella had to have her annual haircut.  Poor Bella is about 12 years old now and her back legs are a bit dicky with arthritis.  A bit of a handful to get in and out of the car.  She wasn’t too keen on going in for her salon treatment either.  Kept heading for the front door of the place!
Bella                              002
Bella ‘before’                                                                    Bella ‘after’ – with little green ribbons in her hair.
My friend, Shirley, is back from her little sojourn ‘down at the farm’ and she brought me back some floral gifts.  Thank you Shirley – she knows how much I love flowers.  She also gave me some cuttings to put in our garden.
Flowers from Shirley                    Roses daisies from Shirley
Agapanthus & November Lily                              Yellow roses and daisies – apricot ones are from my garden.


Linda said...

The blooms are just beautiful Dianne. My little red Spring cactus was very well endowed with blooms this year. Unfortunately, it's not just 'almost summer' here, it's hit with a vengeance you wouldn't believe!! Nice to have Shirley back.

Love your dear Bella, but she does look a little sad after the clipping.

Anneliese said...

I love her with long hair, but it is probably because of the heat that her "fur" has to be cut. She certainly likes it more now.

Anneliese said...

continuation: ...inspite of the sad expression in her posture - give her a heartly "wau" from Germany!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Di, your floral arrangement from Shirley is so very pretty.. Bella, looks sad over her hair cut but I am sure she will appreciate during your upcoming Summer months. Hugs judy

Marilyn said...

My goodness, looking at the before photo of Bella, I could have taken her for our border collie Biddy. Our poor old girl is also about 12 years old, and she is suffering terribly from the heat at the moment. And she is rather arthritic as well.
Gorgeous flowers from Shirley. Our gardens need lots of attention too, but it is so dry again, the ground is dry and cracked.

shirley said...

Poor Bella, she is probably shy and feels naded now, but on the coming hot days she will appreciate the haircut. ..I wonder if her hair grows back curly.

lovely flowers for a lovely lady.

Suztats said...

Lovely to see your garden shots and the flower pics. It's cold and grey here with snow flurries.