Saturday, August 20, 2011

Busy Quilting

My poor old blog has been neglected since we got home from the outback.
We had a wonderful time, and seeing the outback after the rain was truly amazing.  Inspirational landscapes.  We experienced a bit of everything, rainforest, stony desert, beach and bush.  Animal life was in abundance, and because of all the floods earlier in the year the birdlife was prolific around the creeks, rivers and water ways.
Since coming home our feet have hit the ground running.  Work stuff to catch up on, family and friends to catch up with and quilting to finish.  That last one is the challenge.  Our quilt group exhibition starts on 17 September and I have one only quilt to show and it is not quite completed.  Just one side of the border to hand quilt, then the binding and label and I’m done.  I do have my small A4 art journal quilts to exhibit too and a couple of them to finish off also.  Yikes!!
I will leave you with pictures of some animals we saw on our travels.  We saw lots lots more but unable to capture them on film.  We saw wild boars, emu chicks with father crossing the road in front of us, large kangaroos, dingoes, flocks of corellas and heaps of other birds.
BrolgaCamel 1
emu 3P7300022
Large crocodile – Norman River                                                              Brolga


Anneliese said...

What an abundance of wildlife to see on such tours. Wonderful.
Now, there is so much to do at home with friends and groups - who if not me would understand this - we are constantly coming home from somewhere - we are again in Germany. Lots to do .....

Marilyn said...

Welcome home. Sounds like a wonderful trip with lots to see. Lots to catch up on now,and hope you are able to find some time to finish what you want to

Suztats said...

Glad you had a good time on your travels. Love the pics. Are you stitching yet? lol

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Di,

Wow love all the photos of the wildlife in the outback!
Hope you have a fun day quilting. Don't forget to show us the quilt when it is done.

Sue said...

So glad you enjoyed your holiday Di! I hope the camping went well. I am looking forward to seeing the quilt show.

Ruth said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip and you got some great photos. Lots of luck with your "catching up"!

shirley said...

You had agreat trip Di. It is wonderful to be able to see this amazing land of ours. There is so much to do and I hope you have many opportunities to see more.unessina

Linda said...

What lovely photos Dianne. I never get over our wildlife!! You certainly saw lots anyway, and had a great trip from all accounts. It's lovely to have you back, and I do hope you get everything ready for the upcoming quilt festivities. The weather is warming up, and I daresay Toowoomba's gardens will be ready to turn it on again. Saw some magnificent Magnolia trees on our way through the city last Sunday.

teresa said...

Fantastic photos Di! I'm glad you had a great trip. This country of ours is beautiful isn't it? I hope you get your quilt finished for the show (I'm sure you will). I would love to come up and visit the exhibition... how long is it on for? Thanks again for the great pics xx

Dot D said...

Hi Di
Glad you enjoyed your holiday and got such great photos. Did you really want to photo the snake? Really pleased you got your quilt finished for the exhibition. I really like it. It is so well done.