Monday, September 12, 2011


The quilt was finished the label was on and it was ready to enter into the quilt show.
She lays it out on the floor to show off to daughter and arghhhhh wavy edges!!!!
Takes it to quilting friends to look for a no fuss cure, but alas, the news was dim.         Binding must come off, edges must be eased in a little etc. etc. etc.
So, binding is back on apart from about 6 inches right at the end when finicky Pfaff starts to loop again on the back, for no particular reason.  Grrrrrr.  Right!  Turn  finicky Pfaff off, oil it up, and take a break from said machine before serious damage is done to said machine.
All done, no more waves and a very happy quilter.
Leaf FLowers finished
No fabric was purchased for this quilt.  Every leaf is different.
Leaf Flowers close up
All hand quilted.
Helpin Gargar in gardenLilian digging in garden
Lilian helping Grandad dig the vege garden ready for some summer lettuce.


Linda said...

Well, you know I'm a 'stash girl' myself, so I have nothing I can say except 'spectacular'!! I applaud you for this beautiful quilt, and I'm sure it will be a hit with viewers come Carnival time. Great pics of the darling child with grand dad.

Suztats said...

Frustrating when you think you're finished...........looks lovely though, and how wonderful it's a stash quilt and hand-quilted, too!!

Annet said...

Beautiful quilt! Glad you could fix the edge.

Sue said...

It was worth the effort of re-doing the binding - it looks great! Looking forward to the Quilt Show - comming down on Monday.

Radka said...

A beautiful quilt! Well done, and it is so nice to see hand quilting :) I am glad that you are pleased with your result in the end, but what are we doing to ourselves, why does everything has to be so perfect? :)I know, shows... Good luck, I am sure your quilt will do well!

Marilyn said...

your quilt is beautiful.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Di, your quilt looks fantastic and I am sure it will be greatly admired at the show. I am really looking forward to seeing pics of the exhibition. Your grand daughter is a really sweetie and I am sure grand daddy enjoyed her help. Hugs Judy