Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On the Road

We have been on the road now for a week and a half and internet connection has been in and out.
We have seen some awesome sights and been having some wonderful experiences of the Australian bush.
Currently, we are staying in the Gulf country with DH's niece whose husband works here in the Department of Primary Industries.  He is a stock inspector and travels the roads we have travelled on a regular basis.  They are long, sometimes dusty and one has to always be on the look out for unfenced cattle and of course the wallabies and kangaroos.
So far we have seen all of the above, plus a very large black snake, a tiger snake, a family of emus and various birds including the beautiful wedge tailed eagle. 

Cattle on the track..

Flowering wattle trees beside Gregory Development Road. 

Huge white quartz outcrop called "The White Blow" just outside the township of Ravenswood.

Dirt track to Einasleigh River and the Copperfield River Gorge.

Copperfield River Gorge on the Einasleigh River. Rock is basalt layed down from a lava flow hundreds of thousands of years ago.

The outback loos are an experience all of their own!  I have even had a couple of "bush bathroom" experiences.  Case of 'have to'.

Sunset at the Gulf town of Karumba.

This old outback 'dunny' was put out of service a long time ago thankfully.  It has even survived a cyclone!


Marg said...

Sounds like interesting fun! Thanks for posting the photos.
We have had green tree frogs in our loo here, it's a little unnerving when you lift the lid and see one looking at you.

Marilyn said...

Wow, sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Thanks for posting your interesting photos.
Travel safely. xx

shirley said...

it hardly seems like only a week and a half to have all your great adventures. Great photos, save some of those prawns for your friends.

Linda said...

What lovely photographs Dianne. So nice to hear from you, and pleased to know your trip is going well. The big Brahman is typical no doubt, of NQ stock. LOVE the sunset, and the rock formations. Great time to go now, escaping the cold from home. The wattle is starting to flower here too. Have a lovely time from hereon in, and look forward to seeing more of your adventure.

Suztats said...

Great pics! Sounds like you're having a wonderful time. Enjoy.

retdairyqueen said...

Great to see your photos
Look forward to more

Khris said...

OMG that sticker is a crack up. I must say I went to the toilet in a NSW hotel and nearly died when I saw a green frog in the toilet after I had gone and "just" flushed....lol
Love the gorge photo...hugs Khris

Radka said...

Interesting pictures for us, on the other side of the world, thank you:-)