Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Starts and Finishes

Just as one thing finishes in the sewing room, she goes off on a tangent and starts something else.  That is just the way it is around here.
This one is finished and was only started about a week ago.  Finished in record time!!
BKeeper closedBKeeper opened
This is the quilt block keeper which Teresa has done a wonderful tutorial on over at her blog “All Things Vintage”.  Thank you Teresa, your instructions were so easy to follow and I got it made up with no probs at all. You can find the tutorial here.  At each end of the tube, I used yo-yos and glued a nice gold button on to them.

What beautiful fabric you are thinking?  Right?  Well, the fabric came for my birthday from Judy across the seas at Michigan.  Judy has a really delightful blog and she is one kind and generous lady.  Go visit her  at CJ’s Stitching and Blooms.  I just love how the fabrics made up, and the quilting feels gorgeous and soft on the inside piece.  Hope you like what I have done with your beautiful gift Judy.
quilted fabric BK
Now my Sashiko blocks (one of my starts)  won’t be all crushed up like this because I now have somewhere to store them.  I started another large piece of sashiko last night.  Something to do in front of the tele.
sashiko pieces
Another start has been February’s art journal quilt (yep, I am a bit behind with these….. ahem).
Another finish is Bonnie’s Quilt.  Even got the label on!  I have tied this quilt with the same thread I did the herringbone in – Perle No 7, I think.  Just wish I had doubled the thread to tie it now, but it is too late now.  She will love it anyway, and I hope she doesn’t read this, as it is going to be a surprise for her 27th birthday in July.  So, this time I am actually ahead with a project.  Good Stuff.
Bonnies Quilt finishedBonnies Quilt Tied
And apart from the starts and finishes there are a lot of works in progress.  Oh well, can’t sit idle can we?


Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Di,

Your quilt block keeper is really nice. Love both fabrics that you used.

Annet said...

Your block keeper is great. And I love the sashiko, it's somewhere on my to-do-list too.

Linda said...

Great block keeper and of course, lovely fabric. I am a big fan of Sashiko and anything Japanese, so you're on a winner as far as I'm concerned. It is a great project for night time.

Marilyn said...

the fabrics made up beautifully for your block keeper. I used Teresa's tutorial to make mine, and I agree, it is a well written tutorial. So pleased you are already putting it to good use with your sashiko.

teresa said...

Woo Hoo... nice surprise to see your block keeper all made. Glad you found the tutorial easy to follow. Your fabric is gorgeous. I've just made another one for my MIL. They are so handy. Love your Sashiko blocks too Dianne. xx

Vicki said...

Dianne, i love your block keeper, it is so cute. As to your question, I use an embellishing machine - too lazy to do it by hand.

Radka said...

Well done on your quilt block keeper, that is a new one on me, what a great idea!
I love Sashiko, another thing on my "to do list one day" :)Your blocks look very nice.
I met Susan Briscoe (Sashiko lady)at a show not that long ago and had a very good chat with her, she is very nice, (and of course I just had to buy her book).

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Good Day Di,

The Quilt block Keeper is great and what a great use of your birthday fabrics. Love it. Also your Sashiko Block stitching is looking very pretty. Bonnie quilt is lovely Hugs Judy