Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Art Journal Quilt Dec/Jan

Inland Tsunami Finished
This little journal quilt began life as “Night Storm”.  We were having a lot of late evening and night storms in November and December and I had decided at the start of my art quilt journey to make my little quilts about events happening around me.  I started it in December before Christmas with just the night sky and the brown earth.
Then…..along came 10 January when the heavens opened up and our region was inundated.  The water raged down the mountains, forging its own course.  Creeks overflowed and all the water raced towards the townships in the Valley like an inland tsunami.  The brown murky water took all in it’s path.  Some people lost their lives, and many people lost their home and all their possessions.  We will never forget 10 January 2011 and the victims of this freak event.
My quilt morphed into a remembrance of this event with it’s dark stormy sky, muddy waters and “debris” (found items).  Thank you to my friend Shirley for some of the found items used here and for helping me with ideas on putting it together.
Now, I am very behind and must start my February quilt.  I have ideas for both February and March and it is April already- Yikes!!!


shirley said...

Di this is just stunning, and you have created the forces of nature in this wonderful little art quilt.

Congratulations. Now you have whetted our appetites to see what February and March bring.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Dianne, your art quilt is truly creative and innovative. It definitely represents the turmoil of the raging rain and rivers on Jan. 10th. You did a fantastic job of creating it. Hugs Judy

Linda said...

This is an excellent piece Dianne, you should be extremely proud of your achievement. It is just beautiful. I love all the little 'found' objects!!