Friday, April 8, 2011

Gifts to Treasure

Does everyone love ‘Willow Tree” as much as I do?
Shirley, being the sweet and thoughtful friend she is, gave my husband and I these two beautiful figurines as a gift for helping her through her recent illness.  Thank you Shirley.  We really treasure them.Grandfather Willow
Grandmother Willow

Grandma with baby                       Grandpa with baby
(She knows how much we love our little grand daughter, Lilian.)
Then, Shirley spotted this one she thought I might like, so I purchased it as well to add to the collection.
Willow Tree Quilt
Grandma with baby and quilt.
Well, I am off to Melbourne on Wednesday to go to the Australian Quilt Convention.  Finally today I found some shoes I will be able to walk and stand in all day (I hope).  It is so difficult finding shoes for small, wide feet.  It is a family ‘thing’ and the bane of my life.  Shoes are never comfortable!! 
While in Melbourne we are going to the museum to see the Tutankhamen exhibition and we are also taking in a show, “Dr Zhivago”.at Her Majesty’s Theatre. No doubt there will be shopping too.   It is going to be so much fun.



Hello Di,

What lovely gifts that Shirley bought for you and your hubby. Hopefully your shoes will be comfortably so you can walk miles and miles at that quilt show. LOL Hugs Judy

Linda said...

I love those figurines [don't have any but I know what they are and love them]. How nice to receive something you REALLY like. Good luck on your trip, hope you have a ball. I also hope the shoes are a success. I have small, ordinary feet, but I don't have luck with comfortable footwear either. The best I ever had were those RFPage ones you could have made.

Anonymous said...

Ouch- painful feet.My family have bad feet too.Makes standing painful.Here's hoping you find a COMFORTABLE pair of shoes.

shirley said...

You and Kev are worthy of only the best there is.

Hope you have a great time in Melbourne I am so envious of the Tutenkamen exhibition, and the live show.

Hope your feet survive...dont forget the spare bandaids in case.

Teresa said...

Your figurines are beautiful. Have a wonderful time in Melbourne.. It sounds like you are going to have a ball and you are going to all the things I would LOVE to go to. Hope your shoes handle all the walking!!!

retdairyqueen said...

Tell me about the feet
Once someone said to me "those feet would be good for swimming"
He reckoned my feet looked like flippers
Your figurines are lovely

Sue said...

Enjoy AQC!