Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sue's Block

Our small Thursday sewing group is making a special quilt for a special person.  This special person is called Sue ( no computer - so she won't be reading this).  Sue will be turning 70 early next year so we just had to do a quilt for her.  We are all (9 of us) making a 20" block.  The colours were chosen by us all,  and we agreed we would base our patterns around hearts.  
Sue appreciates hand applique and embroidery and does beautiful work in these techniques herself.  (Hope she doesn't look too closely at mine!!).  
This is my original design and I am very pleased with how it has come up.  The empty spaces are for some hand quilting, probably hearts.

Nine hearts!

When we get all our blocks altogether I will share them here for you all to look at.  This quilt is going to be awesome!!


CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello DI What a lovely idea to create that Hearts quilt for Sue. Your Heart Block design is very very pretty. I look forward to seeing the quilt completed.I am sure she will truly love it.

Hugs Judy
PS also thank you very much for the lovely comment on my new sewing room.

Anonymous said...

Your heart block is so charming!

shirley said...

di, you din't tell me about this this morning, what a lovely idea. I like your heart design. It was so nice to meet some of you sewing friends this morning.

N. Maria said...

Love, love your heart block. Stunning sewing.
PS~Shirley tempted me to take a peek at your blog. I'm glad I did!