Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Late Bloomer

No! - not me - our Jacaranda tree.  All the jacarandas in our region have already bloomed and are dropping their wonderful lavender carpet, but the jacarandas in Toowoomba are just coming into bloom.  Weird!
We have a couple of jacarandas and in the next week they are going to be in splendid colour.
On a recent trip to Coffs Harbour we stopped in at the town famous for it's jacaranda festival, Grafton.  The trees were in full bloom and dotted all over the township.  It was a beautiful sight.  Very hard to capture in just one photograph.

Views of Coffs Harbour

View from the Sawtell lookout back towards Coffs Harbour.  Even the little seagull couldn't resist pausing to look at the amazing vista.

These are the roses from our garden that I gave to my sister-in-law who lives on the beautiful Gold Coast.  We stopped over to visit them on our way to Coffs Harbour.


Marilyn said...

How lovely that you can enjoy your jacarandas after others have dropped their carpets. Love your roses.

shirley said...

DI, your roses are many different colours.

I remember being at Coffs on one of our holidays, the area round there was all lovely...although we did have our fishing rods stolen but that is another story.

I am really enjoying the jacarandas at the moment...I remember the carpets of flowers we walked through on the way home from school when we were young.

Radka said...

Lovely pictures! I have never seen jacaranda trees in the real life, they look so beautiful:))