Sunday, November 28, 2010

Flying Vist and Hints

Look at these goodies!!!  My dear friend Shirley (Shirleys Twisted Threads) paid me a flying visit on Thursday and this is what she gifted me.  Mwahh to Shirley!  Beautiful laces, threads and silky fabrics and some lovely silk velvet to use on my current art quilt. She knows how much I love 'found items', so she gave me a little plastic bag of found things also.  It was like Christmas come early:-)  Thank you so much Shirley.

Everybody probably knows these little tips I am about to give out, but these are a couple of things I have learned the hard way. 
I now always use the back of my cutting board if I want to cut out wadding or fluffy material.  You can vaguely see in the photo how the fluff sticks in the cut and makes a mess of your board. This, I discovered, is hard to fix.

If you are pinning a project always use your cutting board underneath.  This is my bigger June Taylor cutting board which I have had now for over 10 years.  It is wonderful for cutting larger projects.  This will save your surface underneath from nasty scratches.
Another lesson I learned recently is DO NOT use your quilting mat if you are cutting with a craft (or Stanley) knife.  Why do I do these silly things when my head is telling me no??  Luckily I stopped as soon as I saw the damage - not too much of a disaster, but hope it may help someone else from making the same mistake.

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Cynthia L. said...

I have never heard of those tips, but am glad I found them on your site. I would like to have one of those great big cutting mats for pinning quilts. Thanks for the great ideas.

Shirly is a dear isn't she?