Tuesday, July 20, 2010


After reading Teresa's post about visiting the antique shop in Paddington, I got the opportunity to visit with DH on the weekend.  He must have moved just as I took this photo of the stalls and the stage area.  It is an old picture theatre, and DH was far more interested in the history of the building than he was in it's contents.
Having him around helped me to rein in the spending tho.  :-) 

This lovely flowering tree was growing on the footpath.  It was nice to see something so contrasting to the hustle and bustle of the roadway, pedestrian traffic etc.  Does anyone know what it is?

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shirley said...

Hi Dianne, Sorry to hear the Paddington man has moved.

The name of the tree is Bauhinea or Butterfly Bush. You should have picked one of the pods if there were any to plant. I have a purple one and it is beautiful in flower. The flowers look like butterflies. I would love a pink one. That looks healthy.

shirley said...


Bum steer old girl...it is not a bauhinia but i do remember seeing the tree in Townsville I am sure there were some of these near the airport...would like to know the name as well.

bubbachenille said...

Maybe its a Paddington Tree!

shirley said...

Hey Di, I just went to your blog again. what happened to your followers they aren't visible you used to have a lot...did you lose them with the remodel of your blog or are they hidden.ri

Linda said...

Hello Dianne, more lovely photos. It's so nice to sit here in my office and see special places because people care to share. I enlisted the help of a friend who lives in and around the Brisbane area. She seems to think your Paddington tree is a Tabebuia. I found this site that might help:
http://www.sheridangardens.com/info-sheets/trees/trees-20-25-feet/ It's a gorgeous tree, and I'd never seen it until you posted this photo. I'm not sure how it would grow out here for me, but perhaps your area would suit it, you can grow almost anything there!!

teresa said...

Hi Di... lovely to see you got to Paddington. Did you go to the chocolate shop a couple of doors down? We found it last time we were there...yummo!!! Just love this place and I hope you did buy something nice xx