Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fabric of Society - Re-visited

 The Fabric of Society quilts are still being exhibited at the Ipswich Art Gallery, so a couple of friends and I went back for another look.  These quilts from our early days are so inspiring.  When you think that when most of these quilts were made  they would not even have had electricity, and did everything by hand.  
My favourite quilt from the exhibition would have to be 'Auntie Green's Coverlet'.  It is on page 38 in the beautiful book "The Fabric of Society"  produced by Annette Gero for our enjoyment.  If you want a wonderful coffee table book  grab a copy of this one.  Lots of interesting information on the quilts and their makers as well.

After the walk through the exhibition we had THE best flat white we had all had in a long time, and a scrumptious turkish sandwich at the Cactus Cafe on Brisbane St.  A short walk down the road and we found 'Handmade Heaven' in the lovely old flour mill building.   They have the most beautiful handcrafted items and we all made a purchase.  I bought Lili these pj's for next year.  They are a Size 1 but our little Lili is just that - little!  They will fit her next year - maybe.  Also bought one of Bubba Chenille's eco cloths.  It was so soft, I think it will be lovely for cleansing after make up removal.

We then found out that Ipswich closes down at 2.00 pm on a Saturday,  and many of our other planned stops on the itinerary were, by this stage, CLOSED.  We did find one quilt shop open on the road home, so made a quick pit stop there - no dollars spent though.  We then decided another day out at Ipswich is required - another stop at the Cactus for a hot delicious coffee  - another day - a week day!


bubbachenille said...

Oh Di Thanks so much, Hope you enjoy!

shirley said...

Sounds like a wonderful day, pity it had to end so soon...we have the same problem here with shops closing after being used to 7 day a week trading at the coasts.
The exhibition sounds wonderful..did you buy the book.

Lily will look lovely in her "Jarmies".

Like your new colours on your blog cant remember how you told me to do that...wouldn't mind a new look.

Seems like you may have been let out of the office for a little playtime. Did you hide the boss's whip? :)