Saturday, July 24, 2010

Call me Crazy

Call me crazy - that's okay.  Most people who know me are already thinking it anyway!

These are what I call my found objects.  I started collecting them when I decided to try my hand at textile art. Well, not much has happened on the textile art front as yet, but on retirement I should have more than enough found objects.  In fact, like all my ventures in life, it seems to have become a bit of obsession and I cant throw these little blighters out.  OCC -  Obsessive Compulsive Collecting perhaps? 

I enjoy collecting buttons, especially glass ones, (another obsession) and when I get my hands on a bottle or tin of buttons I don't know what excites me more - the discovery of all the little 'found objects' or a sparkling glass button.  

 Lilian is helping Grandad dig some dirt in the garden.  Her favourite place to be.


shirley said...

Hi Di, Next time you come over I will have to let you loose on my box of "found stuff" it should go to someone who will use it.

The lovely Lily is becoming more and more beautiful each day.

I see you haven't done the makeover yet. i cant it you cant decide on which template, or does dollink have you chained to the office chair.

teresa said...

Last time I went to Paddington Antiques they had lots of glass buttons in the front counter. I wonder if you saw them when you were there......

shirley said...

Hi Di, checked out the Fan quilt...magnificent hardly describes it.
shirl x