Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hats and Nudes etc.

An interesting day.... First a visit to the Brisbane Art Gallery where a couple of friends and myself took in the exhibition  'Hats -an anthology by Stephen Jones'

 Here is Joan and Alison as we are ready to enter this wonderful exhibition.  The exhibition was very well set out and we spent a long time checking out all the different types of hats made from an enormous variety of materials.  Some of the hats belong to the V & A, some were from the collection of Stephen Jones and others.  All in all well worth the drive to Brisbane.

 Following 'Hats", we visited  the Gallery of Modern Art to see the Ron Mueck exhibition.  A little confronting (okay a lot) but quite awesome.
 Some of the sculptures were very very big like this baby,

and then some were quite small like these little old ladies.
 But all were in beautiful proportion and the features all so very realistic.


bubbachenille said...

I went and saw the Ron Mueck exhibition last week and although it was confronting as you said, I really was overwhelmed by the amazing detail.

Sue said...


I went recently and saw these two exhibits with some sewing buddies (after the knit-wit roadshow) and my experience was very similar to yours. Ron Mueck was really interesting - one of those old ladies was my Grandmother (including the wrinkles in the stockings at the ankles).

Hoping to get to a Quilters meeting soon to catch up with you all,


shirley said...

I have heard and read of these exhibitions they must have been really interesting, but like you said confronting. I would be interested in seeing more pics of the hats...did you take any.