Saturday, May 1, 2010

Crazy Block - Brisbane

This blog post is dedicated to my dear friend Shirley who has endeavoured  to teach me some ribbon embroidery.  These rosebuds were done by instructions via an email from Shirley as we live some 1 3/4 hours away from each other.  Shirley always gives so freely to me and is a wealth of knowledge on anything embroidery.  She is quite the 'star' on Stitchin Fingers as she shows her work from present times and times past.  She kicked off the current frenzy to show your needlecase over on SF.  Anyway, Shirl, I know you will read this and hope these little rosebuds don't disappoint you too much.  Some turned out better than others!
This is the Brisbane Block and represents that part of our life spent in our very first home.  We were there from 1981 to 1992 and they were truly fun times.  We still keep in touch with our old neighbours.  Both our daughters were born while we lived here and  the memories evoked while stitching and looking at this block are very special.
Blackberries, done as per the instructions in Robyn Ginn's embroidery book.  We lived in Blackberry Street.
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shirley said...

Thank you for that lovely tribute Di, your rosebuds are perfect..I think we are going to need more that one play need to come for a week...and every time you think of something make a list to bring.
I can imagine this block bringing up all your is really well thought out.