Sunday, June 6, 2010

Crochet & RSI

Why do we do it?? We know we should listen to our bodies....but no... we keep on going.

Yesterday I decided to crochet a dishcloth with some cotton I got at a very fine price at the Peachester quilt show.  Just wanted to finish it in one day!  Tonight I am paying the price.  Have rubbed some ointment into my arm and now sitting with a hot pack on it.  Looks like I will be taking a rest over the next little time with the crochet and hand quilting!!     

 Here is the culprit - the funkiest dishcloth ever.  A little rough around the edges but my crochet is a little rusty. 

Here is our little granddaughter with her great Papa.


shirley said...

Your Dad looks well and cant believe how quickly Lily is growing. This is a lovely photo of them.

Watch the rsi it can be a real hastle

Val - Apple Cottage said...

Oh no - I feel for you. Love your dishcloth though. Did you get that lovely edge on the sides as you went or did you come back and crochet down the sides later. Your grand daughter is absolutely adorable. Such a cutie.