Saturday, March 27, 2010

When Size Does Matter

We had half the new renovation tiled when we decided to knock down walls.  This meant we had to order some more tiles or use carpet as before.  Fortunately, the supplier had some more of the same tiles.  They were a different batch so he advised us there may be a slight colour difference, but mixed in with the left overs from the first lot it would not be noticeable.  

Sounds just fine and dandy huh?  Well the tiler arrived this morning to finish it all off so we can get our living area back to normal (??) by Easter.  Now if you purchased a 450mm x 450mm tile you would expect it to measure 450mm right?  Nuh,  they were smaller than the other batch by about 4mm !!@@@??@??!!! (Replace with expletives.)

So people, if you are buying tiles just keep this in mind.  What to do?  We cannot lay them the same as the other area as it flows through and the line would be all out.  We can't have a big wide ugly grout either.  Soooooo, we have got around it by separating the two areas with a feature tile and laying the new tiles on the 45 deg. angle. Off tile shopping again on Monday. Whew!  Well of course this can't be done til next week now as the tiler has other jobs to go to.  It could still be done by Easter though,  fingers crossed! 

 Our living room.  Come must feel a bit sorry for me!


shirley said...

Poor baby, yes I do feel sorry for you think having the cement may have helped the lovely lily to walk instead of crawl.
And here was I worrying about a bit of mildew in the shower...but knowing your taste i am sure it will all be great and good in the have infinite patience.

Val - Apple Cottage said...

Makes me realise that quilters and tilers have the same sort of problems and always come up with the same creative solutions. Sounds like you've solved this one beautifully.

Di's Quilting and Craft said...

Val, you are quite right. It is amazing what you can come up with creatively when things go pear shaped.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I feel bad for you! Over my life I've lived through enough projects to know this is a really 'big' frustration! But, now that you've made your decision, and you'll love it when it's done! Enjoy the final results.