Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Roses at Last

Thanks to some recent rain, our roses have decided to bless us again with a glorious show.  We have been bereft of roses since spring and it looked for a while there that they may not show up again til next spring!  We thought it was just our brown thumbs, but our neighbour has also had a 'no show'.
The particularly dry weather has had a devastating effect on the garden this year.  
This red one smells delicious.  

This dark pink one has lots of buds and is promising some good things to come.  It is right beside the clothesline so it gives me something pleasant to look out while I hang out the washing.

This one looks better in the flesh.  Too much sunlight in the photo.  There are lots more buds on it.
 Roses are my favourite flower and they are making me hap hap happy!!

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Shirley said...

Just love the pink roses what a wonderful display. You must have green fingers.


retdairyqueen said...

Roses are just the lovliest flowers
Love your red to My favourite flower and colour
Look forward to seeing what you do with it