Friday, February 5, 2010

Hand Quilting with a difference

Finally I got my act together and started hand quilting my Kaffe Fasset Quilt.  This quilt will be referred to as KFC (Kaffe Fassett collection)  so I don't have to keep saying the whole title.
The weather has cooled down a bit and it is now quite comfortable to quilt for an hour or so each night.

The quilt stand was made by my friend's husband.  It is absolutely fabulous.  You can adjust it up and down to get a comfortable position to quilt, and it also rotates 360 deg, so you simply turn it when you want to head in another direction.  Sometimes though I end up in a big twist, especially with this quilt being so huge.  No problem really, as it is quickly untwisted.  It makes me get up off my butt and do a few stretches.  Too much hand quilting in one sitting is not good for my headaches, so I have to discipline myself to take regular breaks.  I have a small kitchen timer to help me do this about every 20 minutes.

The thread I started quilting with was a sashiko thread and it was a little too thick and tended to shred a bit, so I changed over to a DMC Perle No 8 in a very similar colour.  It is going like a dream now, very fast, as I am using a No 7 crewel needle to quilt with.  It's a bit different look, but I am loving it.


Val - Apple Cottage said...

That's gorgeous Di. I love the idea of quilting with a thicker thread. I'm going to try it sometime.

Julie said...

Such a beautiful and colourful quilt, I love the colour combinations, and such a simple designs showcases them to perfection!
I am seeing Kaffe fabrics in a whole new light.