Sunday, November 22, 2009

Herb Garden

 We have a small herb garden outside the kitchen door.  At the moment, it needs some TLC. 
You can see how this thyme has grown wild, and the weeds are beginning to take over in the other parts of it.  I love the delicate white flowers of the garlic chive plant, eventhough we don't use the plant, it looks pretty.
   I intend to get some mulch later today at our local hardware store and work on tidying up the herb garden when the weather cools down a bit this evening.  It has been sitting on 34 deg C the past couple of days!

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teresa said...

Hi Di, I wanted to thank you for your comment you left on my blog, but you have a no-reply on your comment. If you want to change this contact me and I will let you know how. Yes I did make my album, it was easy (and fun!!!) and it makes a lovely Christmas memory for years to come.. Take care, Teresa