Friday, November 20, 2009

Can't get fresher than that

Thanks to Mr Neat's methodical watering, our vegie patch is thriving.

We had the fresh beans with our grilled steak last night which led Mr Neat to saying, "can't get fresher than that"!
Straight from the garden has a unique old fashioned taste.  They taste how they used to in the good old days before long distance haulage and cold storage.

Beetroot is ready for harvesting and I am going to pickle it (if I can remember the instructions from father's wife)

Capsicum (bell pepper)  Still growing but nearly ready.


Plenty of lettuce for our summer salads.  Will share this with the neighbours!  Mr Neat did the smart thing and planted the lettuce a few weeks apart so we didn't have a huge glut.

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quiltinbysea said...

Wow, fantastic fresh vegies and salad, looks great, but I'm really taken with that basting frame, Di - what a fabulous idea.

Thanks for your comment on the Buderim Patchwork Blog Giveaway, Hope you win.