Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's Hot Hot Hot

It is going to be a scorcher today.  Has it forgotten how to rain?  
This bush seems to love the heat and is flowering profusely at the moment. It is called a plumbago?  I think.  Our tank in the background is thirsty.

Isn't this quilt magnificent?  It is queen size and is all hand appliqued, hand embroidered and fully hand quilted. WOW.  It is the work of a lady in our quilt group and it has just won third prize at the Qld Quilters Quilt Show in Brisbane, deservedly so IMO.  You will also see on our blog that she won viewers choice at our recent exhibition with this quilt.

The flowers represented are a native to Australia called Flannel Flowers (common name).
All her work is original and is always hand quilted, because like me, she is not that good of friends with her sewing machine.

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Herzblatt said...

Hallo Dianna,
thank you so much for your kinds comments in my blog!!! I love getting comments from abroad. I am in relationship with Toowoomba because I know a teacher there very well...Mr. Anthony Seng. He is a teacher for German at one of your schools and six years ago he came to Germany because of my 50th birthday.
The quilt you show is really marvellous!!! A fantastic piece of work!!
Hopefully it will rain in your area soon....Anthony told me about the very hot summers in Toowoomba and he suffers every year...
Wish you a wonderful weekend