Saturday, October 3, 2009

In the Garden

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For a little while yesterday morning before it got too hot (we were told to expect around 30 deg C) I ventured into the gardenThis is the most beautiful time of year in Toowoomba.  The scent of roses is in the air and there is much to do in the garden.  It was good to get the warm sun on my arms and back as I worked and got my dose of Vitamin D.

I got some cuttings of the plant pictured above from a friend.  She gave me cuttings of this pink one,  a yellow and a purple.  I have seen them before but don't know their name.  They are a succulent. 

I love getting cuttings from friends.  Each time you go out into the garden you see the plants and it reminds you of your friend.  It is a wonderfully economical way to build up your garden also.

Wish I could spend a whole day in the garden, but unfortunately, if I did so, I fear I would not be able to walk the next day due to having Fibromyalgia.  
This condition has been with me now for some 17 years and I put it down to the after effects of a very bad virus I had back then. Because my children were young, and we were in business their was no time to slow down and recover properly, so I just soldiered on through the pain.  Now. I am still suffering the consequences, so if you ever have a bad virus, listen to your body and REST. Apart from almost daily headaches it does not restrict me UNLESS I overdo it and push my body to places it does not want to go.

Later today, I am off to meet with my little sis down town and get some retail therapy.  (After we do lunch, of course).

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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Retail therapy with your sister sounds like fun! Glad you are enjoying some summer weather. We spent the weekend pottering in the garden too!