Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Flowers in a drought

It is so dry here at the moment.  We desperately need some spring rain.  There are large cracks appearing in our black soil, you feel like they are going to swallow you up they are growing so huge.
There are grass and bush fires all around Queensland and we pray no lives are lost during what I fear is going to be a savage fire season.
Maybe we all need to do a rain dance.

Some plants are still valiantly flowering in our poor parched garden.
This pink one is a cactus. Maybe the only thing we will be able to grow soon is cactusAren't the colours brilliant?  The flower only stays a couple of days and then it is gone til next year.

This is a bush we call 'yesterday, today and tomorrow'.  The flowers start off a very dark purple, fade a little to a light mauve shade and then fade right out to white.  I don't know the proper name for it, but it is beautifully perfumed as well as being pretty.

Here is something else very pretty.  Our little granddaughter.  She and her mummy and daddy have just spent the week with us while their bathroom was being renovated.  (Thus the lack of posts).
She kept us busy and entertained.

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