Friday, August 7, 2009

Vintage & Kitch

This is a very kitch back scratcher! I found it in the bottom of my vanity cabinet a couple of weeks ago, forgetting that I had it. I swooped on it, because at the moment, due to the dry cold weather, I have had a very itchy back. My poor old arms can't contort like they used to.
The back scratcher belonged to my Mum. She bought it as a souvenir probably back in the 70's on one of her trips to Hayman Island (Great Barrier Reef)

Do you remember these from the 60's? We had one when we were growing up. We had just bought a most gorgeous olive green vinyl cased stereo system. It went so well with the brown and orange lounge suite, olive floor rug and orange curtains. This LP rack I picked up at Lifeline for $3, and I am not using it for LP's, although I have a huge pile of them.

No, I am using it to hold my quilting rulers. It works well.

Some of the LP's I remember having in our childhood were the soundtrack of "The Sound of Music" and "Oliver", Winifred Atwell (Mum being a pianist was a huge fan of hers), and a record of a saxaphone soloist called "Freddy Gardner" (me being a saxaphone player). I also had my little EP's , and my favourite was "Say a little Prayer" by Aretha Franklin. Even now when I hear that song I sing my lungs out.
My sister and I still have our EP's.

I am off to quilt retreat now with this group. A whole weekend of sewing, eating and chatting should be good.

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