Saturday, August 22, 2009

50 years together

Today I am going to a special luncheon to celebrate a wonderful couple's 50th Wedding anniversary.
Claudette is 71 years old and still works full time at a nursing home as a cleaner/physiotherapist's assistant, and it is full on hard physical work at times.
She is also a keen walker and goes to gym at least 3 times a week. (I am starting to feel like a wimp as I write this). She enjoys very, very long walks and bush walking.
Her husband, Colin, is a champion runner and has trillions of medals and ribbons to prove it. I am talking 'veteran competition' here, and he has been all over the world competing. They have a beautiful loving family as well.
They are truly an inspirational couple.

I made them this card and oops, the glueing isn't real straight, but never mind, I know Claudette will appreciate the sentiment from my heart.

Mr Neat is unable to be with me today as he is up sunning (supposedly working) in the Whitsunday Islands at a place called Whitehaven Beach. He says it is all hard work and no play, but Hamilton Island and fishing etc. is probably on the agenda too.

The gorgeous graphics I used for the card are from Karen at The Graphics Fairy. Thanks Karen. She has some wonderful images.

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Val - Apple Cottage said...

Wow, just goes to show that getting older doesn't have to be all a downhill run. Your friends are an inspiration. They should write a book - except they sound like they're too busy for that. I'm sure they could teach us all quite a bit about life (and marriage)