Saturday, May 30, 2009

Textile Heaven

This past Friday I spent the day at the Textile Art Festival in Brisbane. It was very inspiring to look at all the art quilts and I was blown away by the artists' imagination and creativity.
There were heaps and heaps of threads and fibres for one to drool over and to buy of course. But with some of it being very very expensive the money doesn't go far. I managed to pick up a few odds and ends to use in my little arty farty projects.

The quilts from "My Place", a travelling exhibition, were the highlight for me. Quilts from Australian, South African, and New Zealand artists showing their interpretation of 'my place' They were incredible to see and I feel fortunate to have done so.

There was also a textile art competition called "Recycle, Reuse". It is quite amazing what people can recycle. One person had made Australian wildflowers such as banksias from cane toad leather. Another had made an entire woman's suit from plastic bags. This was the overall winner and the second place was a tapestry woven with old mens business shirts with the design being an iron and the words "busyness". It took a very patient person to do this one I would say.

There was a lot to see and do and I am glad I went to the inaugural Textile Art Festival and look forward to next years. In the meantime maybe I can get creative myself.

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