Saturday, May 23, 2009


We are about to embark on a kitchen renovation which is really freaking me out.

Confession: I am a hoarder. The new kitchen, although re-configuring the space, does not afford us any more cupboard space. In fact, it may be slightly less, so I am in trouble. It's time to bite the bullet and get rid of some 'stuff'.
I find it really, really hard to part with possessions. Don't know why, maybe it's hereditary, as my maternal grandma was a chronic hoarder.
Our daughters can have whatever they want and the rest will go to charity. (I am sounding tough but will probably weaken when the time comes).
Today I ventured into the sewing room to take stock in there. Oh dear! Hoarding has really got out of hand here. Something has got to give, and I decided to sit down with the laptop and start cataloguing and putting into boxes, some of the 'stuff'.
It's the same old story everytime I go in there to get organized. I am sidetracked by some unfinished project, get an attack of the guilts, and have to work on it.
This is one project that sidetracked me today.
It is some old blocks that were going to go into a quilt for my mother-in-law, but it never got off the ground. I decided to practice some free motion quilting on them and make them into a bath mat.

There is always tomorrow to organize. Trouble is, tomorrow never seems to come
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