Sunday, May 31, 2009

Living in a reno nightmare

Well, it's started. We've ripped up all the carpet and vinyl where they are going to be replaced with tiles. Can't wait. Anyone who puts carpet under a dining room table needs their head read!!

Tiles will be so much easier to keep clean and hopefully will make the area look bigger. The GREEN carpet just became too much to bear. Everything in this house is green (previous owners choosing - not ours). Green carpet, green and cream lino, green vertical blinds (oh yes - they did once exist), green wallpaper frieze ( commonly known as interior decorating graffiti). There is also green in the kitchen splash back tiles and not forgetting the green laminate on the kitchen and laundry benches. Oh God, we are sooooo over green.

We are going neutral with everything, which seems to be the best way these days. We can accent with colour then, and anyone following us has that option as well.

It seems what started off as a simple kitchen reno has built up to a whole house reno, and hubby even had the audacity to suggest we might start in on the sewing room carpet today.

Whooaa - not today buddy..... there is much preparation to do in there first, like hiding
everything in the already over-stuffed cupboards

When we pulled the carpet up, even the underlay was GREEN.

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