Monday, January 12, 2009

Back on track - nearly

After a short blogging hiatus, I am back into it.
I never stopped reading all the wonderful crafty/quilty blogs that I have ear-marked over the past twelve months though. There is just so much useful information out there provided by some very generous bloggers. It is very inspiring when you have lost your
quilting/crafting mojo to read what others are doing. Hopefully I will be back on track with my stitching soon.

Our vege garden is supplying us (and our neighbour) with these beautiful tomatoes lately. Amazingly, the bugs have decided to let us have them all to ourselves this year.

We are having a crock pot stew tonight ( using Y-bone steaks), with lots and lots of ripe tomatoes.

Here is our grandaughter, the beautiful Lili, and her Mum going to visit Santa for the first time.

Yes, Lili is going to be a stunning auburn-haired lass, we think.

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