Friday, June 20, 2008

The Power of the Written Word

Since the advent of the telephone, the written word has taken a bit of a back seat and letter writing somewhat diminished. In recent years it has made a huge re-appearance with the use of emails, blogs, groups on line etc etc.

One may forget how powerful the written word can be. So, without becoming too philosophical, this is a warning to read, review and edit carefully and re read again before clicking on the "send", "publish", "comment" etc. etc. buttons. I have learnt the lesson the hard way and the outcome saddens me.

Another blogger whose blog I read frequently, recently stated that she would not be blogging anymore due to some rude, inappropriate and hurtful comments left on her blog. On places like facebook, people are using the written word to bully or belittle people they take a dislike to. Some of these comments are probably sent rashly and whilst the writer is emotionally charged, without thinking of the consequences of how their words may be construed by the recipient.

At least with a letter, you can physically destroy it and have time to mull over it before you post or deliver it. But with cyberspace, once you hit that send button there is no retrieving it.

So, keep it positive and think twice or three times before you send. Lesson learnt.

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