Wednesday, April 9, 2008


We recently had a show here on our ABC 1 channel about STUFF.....
It got me really thinking about all the STUFF we have in this house and what a nightmare of a job it would be to have to move.
Sooooooo, I decided on Monday that I would throw/give away one article each day.
It has been very easy to do, and quite liberating.

If I answer NO to any one of these self-imposed questions, then out it goes.

- Is this article enriching my life in any way
- Have I used this article in the past couple of years
- Do I like this article at all?? (there are some things you should never have bought!)
- Realistically, am I ever going to use this article again??
Now for the most important question of all
- would I ever be able to use this article in craft & quilting. (This is where it becomes difficult)

There are just too may things I have hung on to for craft & quilting and I have not ever used them, buuuuut how do I know I won't ever use them? Oh God, is this an illness? I can't seem to throw anything the slightest arty or crafty out, so all I can do is concentrate on all the other stuff for the time being.

One thing I can do towards cutting down is not purchasing any more mags. I really have cut down, honest I have, just getting Quilting Arts Mag at the moment. Perhaps I may just get the odd good quality book every now and then. (I so want the Thimblelady's applique book).


Anonymous said...

I hear ya, Sister! There's stuff in our house and shed that I haven't touched in the 4 years I've been in Toowoomba - which makes me wonder why it's got room in my house at all.

The quilt and craft mags are my biggest issue, too - I don't want to throw them away....but how much space should they be allowed in my life, especially since I don't particularly like making other people's designs?

Sue said...

When I buy something new, I try to ensure something in the house leaves, but it doesn't all work that way - especially with magazines & books. I have been more restrained with buying magazines lately but do get Quilting Arts and have now also subscribed to Threads (Thank Caity for that new addiction). I suppose it just shows how my sewing tastes have changed.