Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Brown Thang

For the past couple of days, at every available opportunity, I have been working on "The Brown Thang". The object of this quilt was to use up all those fabrics in my stash which I was not particularly fond of, or I had had for a while. As it turned out, a lot of them were brown! (see my "Stash Buster" post).

Weeeeeeell, last week I came up with an idea for the use of this quilt. It will be a perfect gift to give my father on his 80th birthday in July. (Can't believe he is eighty). Thus, I will have to get a real wiggle on with this one.

As I am currently blaming machine sewing for my neck/back pain and headaches, I am taking it really easy and just doing 10 minutes at a time and then having a nice walk around the house attending to little chores for a short time before going back to the machine. Hoping this addresses this issue. I could not bear to have to give up my sewing!

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Anonymous said...

Looking very good! I have a real thang for brown right now - don't know where it came from - must be something in the air?