Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Lesson in Piecing

The first block for the table runner is done - I am reasonably pleased with it as I feel I am not the world's best piecist (this is a new quilting word). It is made up of some very small pieces and this has presented a bit of a challenge. I have done some smaller stars for the pattern as well, but they will not be blogged, because they are soooooo badly pieced. You see, I have learnt a valuable lesson from them, and that is not to be in such a goddamn hurry!

Slow down old girl slow down, (this was the mantra).
It worked!! Can't wait to do the other three of this block, and then it will be just a matter of joining all the blocks with joining triangles (going to use the feature fabric for this) and binding it etc. Have to have a little rest from the machine tonight though, as I need to be headache free and healthy for a shop down town with my little sister tomorrow morning.
BTW - the feature fabric is from a chain-store type fabric store with ordinary service - you will guess where I mean? My daughter chose it, and I think she chose well.
Oh well, off to get some dinner now - oh that reminds me - good news - since Christmas I have managed to drop about 4 kilos. This has only happened through eating plain old healthy food and no exercise (I hate exercise). I know I should exercise but everything hurts as it is!!


Sue said...

Di - does that mean you have given up the gym? I thought you liked it ... any way well done on the weight loss - also I love the block. The fabrics are really lovely!

Caity said...

COOL on the weight loss- and I love the block!

Di's Quilting and Craft Blog said...

Yeah - I do like the gym. Every time I go, I get one of my famous headaches! Grrrrrr.