Friday, December 7, 2007

Why won't it rain????

Since hubby has got the pipes to the tanks fixed it will not rain. Dark stormy clouds come over.........nothing! It is so muggy, it surely must rain eventually. The sewing room, which is on the North side of the house is way too hot for sewing, so it's back to the dining room table where it all began many years ago. The dining room/family room you see is air-conditioned. I am working on the last border of the Christmas Quilt, which I think I will call "Celebrate" - for more reasons than one. I would love to see it hanging on the wall this Christmas, but don't think it's going to happen! Yesterday I whipped up a batch of "gourmet rocky-road" which hubby and I are going to sample this evening. It has white chocolate, pistachio nuts, craisins, mini marshmallows and shredded coconut. YUM>

I have been an ostrich for far too long, burying my head in the sand, and I now realise how close we are to Christmas and how little I am prepared. I am starting to think I am a Christmas Grinch. (My sister actually called me this last year). The Christmas tree would not have gone up, only hubby got a bee in his bonnet and said we must have it. We won't be here for the big day and who is going to look at it? Only him and I. I think he just wanted to see his present under it.
Back to the sewing machine to finish this darned border and get this damned thing finished.

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Anonymous said...

shared lunch on Tuesday... hmmmm - crash tackles Di for Rocky Road!

What sort of dog is Wilbur? he should have a play date with my Connie!

Christmas - so close! EEEK! I have made NOTHING. NOOOOOTHING! Not that I'll see anyone except Mr Beloved, but it would have been nice to get stuff to Mum, Dad, brother and his family... ah well. There's always January!