Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Samplin' the Puddin'

The plum pudding has been shaved! What to do with the shaved off bit? Think.......Think.........

Came up with a good one. I shaped the shaved bits into a ball, placed it in an oven bag and tied it up very, very, tightly. It went into the crock pot (electric slow cooker) with water coming about halfway up, and I put it on "high" for about 3 hrs. We then sampled it with ice cream and cream for dessert. YUM. I am quite confident now in taking it to the family Christmas knowing that it is a "knock out". Now, I have opened a hornet's nest, in that I want to make a few of these little puds. Will take one to Caloundra where we are spending Christmas day with our daughter, and give one to my sister and husband for her to freeze and enjoy later into 2008 and I will do the same with the third one. Soooooooo, that means a little more time in the kitchen today as I am working (at a real job) tomorrow and socializing the next day. Running out of time.

Last year I decided to do this same pudding and on Christmas Day, decided it would be a good idea to "flame" the pudding with brandy like they do in the flash restaurants. Unfortunately, I did not know the procedure for this, poured the brandy over the pud first, and tried to set it alight. It was a real fizzer. Learnt later you are meant to put the match to the brandy first, and then pour!! Oh yeah! This is me trying to light the cake.

Just went down town to the local P & Q shop and spent a bit of the hard earned. Had to have a tote bag that I saw one of my friends with at quilting yesterday. Will put it under the tree for Santa to give me. Also purchased some red fabric for a Santa wall -hanging for next Christmas. Maybe I better start that straight after I finish "Celebration" quilt, so it will be finished by next Christmas. Also got a gift for a friend, some variegated embroidery thread (that I really wanted myself), and some really cool tape with sticks to itself. You put this tape around your embroidery thread spools to stop the thread unravelling. (Bought one of these for myself also as the glad wrap is not that successful). Also signed up for their cotton patch club and the proprietor was very open to showing me whatever I would like to learn. Now, where will I start? As I didn't have the Santa pattern with me, I will have to go for another visit to her to get the rest of the fabrics because I didn't have a clue how much I needed. Did I say no new projects?

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Sue said...

Di - Did you find the Santa pattern you were looking for?