Wednesday, December 12, 2007

BROKE but happy

Having just spent a few days in Brisbane with my sister, I am now broke but happy to have got the Christmas shopping completed. It was such fun, but we got in early before the big crowds, so parking and getting around the shopping centre was that much easier than it will be next week when school breaks up. Brisbane was very tropical - hot and muggy one minute and pouring rain the next, and we appreciated the air conditioned comfort of the shopping centres. There was more money spent on ourselves than there was on Christmas presents and my sister announced at the last minute that we were going to do a "secret Santa" at our family Christmas on 22nd Dec. That threw us into a bit of a spin for a while, but it was fun sorting out who was going to buy for whom and then trotting around looking for just the right thing. Boy, we are exhausted and pleased it only happens once a year!

Before we left for BrisVegas, I put the final border on the "Celebration" quilt and even got it quilted in the ditches and the binding put on. Have decided to do a little more machine quilting around the various motifs, as I don't have the time or inclination to do any hand quilting. It's just too hot anyway to be hand quilting. Looks like it will be hanging for Christmas after all. My sister fell in love with it and, of course, wanted one. (She always wants what I've got and I always want what she has). We often end up with the same clothes, and have been known to ring and check what we are wearing before meeting. Anyway, this time, she got a firm rebuke as I am definitely not going to make another one of these. EVER. My dear hubby has gone out and got me three hooks to hang it on and we have picked out the spot. He loves it as well. Fancy spending 4 years on a quilt which will hang up for a few days !! Perhaps I will leave it up until Christmas in July.

This photo is of a wonderful plant we have in a pot in the back garden. It is an orchid cactus and flowers for a very short period of time in late Sept - early October. It is from the group of cacti known as Epiphyllums and these plants originated in the tropical forests of Central and South America. Beautiful eh?

We sampled the gourmet rocky road and it is absolutely scrumptious. Hubby sampled it more than once and if he keeps going I am going to have to make another batch before Christmas.

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Sue said...

Di - we missed you on Tuesday but it sounds like you were having fun! A few of us are going on Saturday if you are free. So glad you got yor quilt finished!