Friday, July 20, 2012

Bag of Stuff–A Challenge

All of those near and dear to me (especially Shirley) will be pleased to know I have put together the challenge quilt from my bag of stuff. I think I was driving everyone crazy with my indecisions and procrastinations!!!! 
Our Quilting Art Group put this challenge out around February, and of course, true to form, I have left it until the last minute to finish it off. (I work much better under pressure )Steaming mad  I did start on some of the elements before we went away in May, thankfully.
Tomorrow is the big reveal day.  We will see what each person has done with their bag of stuff.
The only rule was to use lots of the contents of your bag of stuff, you were allowed to add your own stuff as well.  Keep it to within the parameters of 20” on each side and at the end of the challenge, hand back what is left in the bag plus the recipient's completed quilt.
Here is the bag of stuff I received back in February.
No. 8
I loved those Philip Jacobs leaf fabrics, so, basically, the quilt I made is around this theme.
I will show the finished quilt tomorrow evening after my partner has received it.
Here is the bag of stuff I handed in.No. 4
Can’t wait to see what my bag of stuff turns into!!!

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Linda said...

Hi Dianne, you certainly had some gorgeous pieces to work with, and personally, I can't wait to see what you made. Of course, the same applies to the project being made by 'your stuff'.......... These challenges are always a trial, but so rewarding in the end. Take care, and stay warm.