Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back from the Bush and Waaaay Behind

Colours of water
Looking out from mouth of the river and beyond – Vrylia Beach – Cape York (Western side)
Banks of Archer River
Campfire and drinks on the banks of the Archer River – Cape York
Bush Dunny
Our bush loo – very comfy.Send a kiss
Travelander Noah Beach
This is our truck with the camper set up.  It is a slide on camper called aTravelander”
It folds down from the back of the truck with a remote control and takes only a few minutes to set up.  The bed is made and all.  The only thing left to do is get out the chairs and tables (which are stored on the bed for travelling) and relax!
Kitchen travelander 2
This is the kitchen which folds down from the rear of the vehicle.  Fridge on the far left, pantry in the middle and the fold out arm contains the gas 3 ring cooker and sink.  It is so cool!
I have so many photos of the tropics and our travels, but I wouldn’t want to bore you with them.
We had such a wonderful time.  Now my DH would like to pack up again in a couple of weeks and head west to warmer climes.
Soooooo, no time for stitching lately and I am very, very behind with my TAST.  I have just been enjoying looking at all the wonderful examples everyone else is doing.
Also, I have some very pressing deadlines to meet for the art quilt group and other secret women’s business to attend to before end of July.  YIKES.


Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Welcome back Di from the Bush!
Hope you ahd a great time. :)
Thanks for letting us see your Chair Loo....first time for me. LOL

Sue said...

Looks like a great trip and the camper looks great! Welcome home (to the cold and wet :( )

Linda said...

Lovely photos Dianne, and everyone appears to be very relaxed. I don't think anyone would be bored with your photos. I hope you get some time to catch up on your stitching. I am way behind and I haven't been away!! Hopefully the weather will soon warm up. It's been beastly around Roma/Mitchell, not quite as bad here. Great to see you back.

Jen said...

Hello Di! Love the Travelander, a great looking unit. Nice photos on the river and beach. Arm rests on the loo!!
Going back a post your Bullion Garden piece is lovely and love the little bee and colourful flowers.

Robin Mac said...

Just catching up Dianne, lovely to see photos of the Archer River etc - we travelled up there a couple of times in the 80s and 90s, towing a trailer specially built - not nearly as luxurious as yur Travellander though.A back AND arms on the loo - that is luxury! Cheers.