Friday, February 3, 2012

Sticks & Stones–Herringbone

Week 5 at Take a Stitch Tuesday brought us the Herringbone Stitch.  I love herringbone stitch and once covered all the seams on a quilt with it –  see it HERE.
This time I had to push myself a little though to explore it a little bit more.  There is still much more I could try with this stitch but……later….
Wk 5 Herringbone
I have called this little piece Sticks and Stones.  The round selvedge pieces being the stones and the zentangle-like pattern in the background, the sticks. The border is made with the woven herringbone.  Definitely going to use this again in my embroidery.
This zentangle pattern always reminds me of that childhood game we used to play called ‘Pickin’ up Sticks’.  Loved that game!
I am still doing the journal page for each TAST stitch but neglected to put the cretan scribblings up last week.
Cretan Stitch journalHerringbone Stitch journal
                              Cretan Ideas.                                                        Herringbone Ideas.
It is quite helpful to sketch ideas first as it often triggers something, sometimes ending up nothing like the sketch.  Interesting.
Have a great weekend everyone and happy stitching.


Vicki Miller said...

This is a geat design. I have been very lazy and just 'doing' it instead of using my sketchbook. thanks for reminding me

Linda said...

And a happy weekend to you too Dianne. I've just seen this on SF, and am blown away by your creative ideas for TAST. This is so simple, yet so effective, I love it. I can see you are really having a lot of fun with this challenge, and can't wait to see more as we go further. Take care.

ValerieL said...

I liked the way you planned out your piece and how it turned out. Thanks for your nice comment you left on my blog.

Stitching Lady said...

Dianne, I love your creative ideas - and putting them down at first is a good idea, too. Yes, we learned a lot in the journal class. I have my journal lying on the table where I work, looking at it, scribbling down something, all the time - so useful. This class opened my eyes.

Radka said...

You are doing so well, Dianne :)
I think herringbone stitch is lovely stitch, simple, but very easy to use just about on anything. Yes, very good for quilting :)

Queenie Patch said...

What a great idea to first make sketch samples. I bet the ideas develop while you stitch. The finished result is beautiful. Well done!

Raphaela said...

Beautiful, your Sticks and Stones. Love your herringboned quilt, too. Great quilt idea for leftovers.

Dianne said...

Thank you Queenie Patch. I am unable to respond to you directly, but thanks for visiting. The sketching out is very helpful, and yes it develops even more once you get needle and thread onto fabric.

Julie said...

Sticks & stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me, they call me this they call me that, they call me dirty pussy cat!!! Thanks for the memory!!! Love to see the use of selvedges!

Suztats said...

I've been missing your posts....and look what you've been doing! Very nice experimenting with your TAST. well done!