Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Frustration Mounts

My frustration with my sewing machine is mounting to the point where I am on the verge of purchasing a new machine.
This is my machine and is about 20 years old.  Up until the last couple of years it has been brilliant.
Pfaff bobbin areaPfaff machine
Then, every now and again this started happening.  Looping on the back!!  Grrrrrr!@@##$$!!!
Pfaff machine bad sewing
Last time the repair man looked at it, of course, it worked brilliantly for him and he suggested I was threading it incorrectly.  What was I doing any differently?
It usually happens after doing quite a bit of sewing.  Sometimes an oiling and a ‘little rest’ helps it and it will just start up sewing properly again. 
Then today……after re-threading the bobbin a couple of times, it decided to sew again.  Go figure.  It must be the way I am holding my tongue Smile with tongue out or is it that there is some fine tuning to be done on my bobbin threading on this machine??  Will have to ask the mechanic about it next time I get it serviced.
Does anyone else have this problem with a Pfaff??
After I got the machine revved up I was determined to repeat the japanese block using a cream homespun fabric.
As I am definitely not a  ‘piecer’, imagine my delight when it nearly came out at the correct size of 9”!!       Happy Dance
Block Attempt No 2
No – it is not perfect, but it is mine.    At least the cream fabric didn’t warp and stretch but it is annoying me with it’s fraying.  Maybe I won’t be doing too many pieced blocks for my Japanese quilt after all.       Thinking smile
Sand Crabs
On another note – our SIL bought some sand crabs on the way home from Brisbane and we enjoyed crab sandwiches (on fresh bread) for dinner on Sunday night.  Yummo!!
It is a wicked day here today – and I don’t mean the new speak wicked – I mean wicked as in awful.
South westerly winds bringing the chill factor down low and overcast periods.  Maybe sleet?  I don’t know because I am not going outside for love nor money to find out.  My poor hubby is working out in it, so will ask him when he gets home.  In the meantime, I am going back to the sewing room to hibernate!!


Sue said...

I swear I have had the same problems as you with my Janome Overlocker - everyone tells me how fabulous they are - the mechanic tells me I haven't put the needle in right! Obviously not holding my tounge right as I in the last 25 years of sewng I have always put the needle in wrong!

Miserable day - with you on that too!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Di, Hmmmmmmmmmmmm I have a Viking rose soooooooooooooo no help from Moi with your machine problem. very sad face. I reckon the sewing room is a super great place to hibernate, enjoy. Hope you do not get freezing rain. Yuk! Hugs judy

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Di,

I have a different machine but I wonder if with all your sewing the thread gets loose from the threading areas before the thread gets to the needle. That does happen sometimes and causes that. You might have to check that after sewing for a while.
Don't know if you understood me. :(
Oh love the little block and Yay the fabric worked.
Have fun in your sewing room. That;s the best place to be if the weather is Yucky! LOL

Anneliese said...

Now, Dianne, you yre not allone with your problems!!!! My hubby says to your problem that you have to ajust the tension - as if you did not know this !!!!! But I tell you, my machine - also a Pfaff, but veeeery much older - 50 years -started to sew quite on her own, when I took her out of her hibernation-jacket - remember I am at the sea - and everything is rusting. Now DH thought to solve the problem for we knew it already from the machine No. 2 in France. No chance - she wants to sew whenever there is current - but there is alway help with a mechanical engineer as DH.

Linda said...

Sorry to hear about the tension troubles Dianne. I have Berninas, and have to hold the thread at the back at every 'start' or else the thread pulls up at the back........I've just become used to do so. I do think machines are 'male' hence their co-operation at service time!! Love the look of that crab, your Sunday night tea sounded wonderful. Your block looks really good, so you must be pleased. It was a positively miserable day here too yesterday, had logs on fire one after the other. My hubby had to ride off on the horse into slight 'mist' in the AM, but he survived. Great result in the football......YAY!!