Sunday, May 15, 2011

Doing my Block

After the family left today I dashed into the sewing room to do a Japanese block for my up-coming sashiko quilt. 
It was a struggle due to the @@##$$! cream fabric which was a monstrosity.  A very open weave fabric which, of course, had a propensity to fray badly and stretch out of shape.  I bought this fabric because the osnaburg fabric I was originally going to use was too open weave.  I should have saved my money!!  Next time I will back the fabric with some special interfacing I bought recently so I could use the osnaburg.  I sure was doing my block!!  Don’t think I will use this block in the quilt.

Susan Briscoe Book
The block called Yamato kasuri igeta comes from this fabulous book which I love – author, Susan Briscoe.  I plan to do many more blocks and sashiko pieces from this book.
Family snaps from today.  Our daughter, Bonnie, visited for the weekend from Brisbane.
(Left) Bonnie with Dad who is out of hospital now and feeling much, much better.
(Middle) Gorgeous Bonnie in the squatters chair.
(Right) Bonnie and Lilian on the swing Grandad made for her.
A beautiful Autumn day here today with warm sunshine and just a hint of crispness in the air.


shirley said...

Bonnie is a gorgeous girl. Looks like your lovely family all had a great weekend.

shirley said...

It is such a pity about the fabric for your sashiko not being satisfactory your blocks for the quilt are all turning out so well otherwise.

Cynthia L. said...

What beautiful photos of your family. Thanks for sharing.

I have thought about Japanese quilting, but have too many other projects going right now. I will keep an eye on your quilting!

Marilyn said...

lovely family pics.
Hope the interfacing helps the fabric to be more successful when you use it next. It is always disappointing when it doesnt work as expected isnt it.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Di,

Lovely photos! So happy that your dad is out of the hospital and doing better.
Too bad you had so much trouble with the fabric for the Sashiko. Hope you find a better quality one or hope the interfacing works.

michelle said...

What beautiful family pics ! look forward to seeing more of your quilt ! glad you had a lovely day with your family.

teresa said...

Gorgeous photos of your family Di. Bonnie is very photogenic. I've always loved Japanese quilting... there's just something special about it.

Linda said...

Lovely photos of your family Dianne. Bonnie is a stunning girl!! So pleased to see your Dad is out of hospital now. Sorry to hear about the frustration you had with the &&^%# cream fabric, and I'm sure you won't hesitate to use that interfacing in future........

Radka said...

I have that book, bought quite recently, after meeting Susan Briscoe. I love the designs in the book, I will get to it one day (I wish, there is always something else to make). Well done for making sashiko quilt, I look forward watching your progress.