Friday, April 16, 2010

I Love Autumn


In my opinion, there is no better time in Toowoomba than the month of April.  I so love Autumn and today is one of those perfect Autumn days.  Clear sunny sky with a slight nippy breeze.  Perfect for getting out into the garden, so that is what I did for a short time.  Dead headed the roses and took a photo of this wonderful deep red dahlia that never disappoints and always springs up year after year.It is a much darker deep red than what this picture shows.

Last year I did this small quilt for an Autumn Challenge my quilt group was having.  It shows the birds watching their arboreal homes change colours.  I used a few techniques in this one - crazy patchwork of scraps, hand applique and lots and lots of hand quilting done with DMC floss and in about 1/4 inch channels.  It was fun to make and I love those challenges.  They make you think outside the square.

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shirley said...

DI what a beautiful little quilt you should be very proud of this. Would love to see it in real life.

Anneliese said...

Autumn in April - it is so strange. Your little quilt - how little might it be? - is very interesting for me. Nice to meet also Shirley on this page.

shirley said...

Hi Di, have you been let out of the office. Laughed when I saw you were on SF and blogging...thought poor Kev his secretary has gone on strike!!! Ha Ha

We are going to have a few more play dates I think to do all this stuff together.