Saturday, June 13, 2009

Packin' up - goin' nowhere

What could be worse than packing up and moving?
In our married life we have done this so many times. Packing up and going nowhere is a lot worse. Not complaining though, oh no, in the end we will have the whole of the inside of the house painted (son-in-law is the painter), new kitchen, new vertical blinds, new floor coverings. All this started out as a small kitchen 'make-over'. Oh well, life will only be in chaos for a couple of months. (we hope).

Why do we need so many teapots? Especially when we use tea bags most of the time. All inherited, and can't part with them.

Recipe books? Dunno. Some inherited, some collected, hardly used, but will she part with them? No.

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Debbi Baker said...

Hi Di - thanks for your comment and identification with my "issues"! I popped over to see how youy were doing and I can see that it must be so hard during a reno - not just facing the whole "do I keep it, do I throw it" thing, but the fact that you have to move everything around until the reno is complete!! It will be worth it though. Have fun and I think you are right about the neutrals (even though I love green). PS Your granddaughter is just a doll and looks so good in that beautiful jacket. She makes me smile just looking at her!