Friday, April 3, 2009

A Painful week

Not much of anything goin' on around here the past week.
Sparing you the boring details, I have had a 'flare up' of a pre-existing condition and it is not good. I don't cope at all well with being unwell. Tasks have to be done in little bits, so sewing and quilting have had to take a bit of a back seat while I struggle to do the basic chores.
Anywho, I am sure it will pass soon, and a warning to all quilters and sewers, take it easy on yourselves. Do not, I repeat, do not sit and sew for too long in one session and give yourselves regular breaks.
Seems I will never learn this!

In the evenings, I have been just sitting in short spurts and doing little tasks that always seem to get pushed to the side, like cleaning out ones sewing basket, cleaning out ones handbag, sorting out recipes (and chucking out recipes) etc. etc.

Hopefully after some treatment next week, I'll be back on track and able to continue work on my challenge quilt for quilt group. It is coming along well, and will be a constant reminder to not overdo things ever, ever again....... do you think??

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Val - Apple Cottage said...

Di, I found you!! Great to meet you last night, and hope you're feeling well for the week end. Lili looks absolutely adorable and spoilable. She's beautiful.